Advantage Provided by Wall-Mounted Lightning Rods


Advantage Provided by Wall-Mounted Lightning Rods

Unlike lightning rods installed on the building roof directly, the Zandz wall-mounted lightning rods have an advantage that ensures their easier installation.

Free space of a flat roof is often used to install communication equipment, solar panels, ventilation systems, or it is used simply as a recreation area. The installation of the lightning protection rods and conductors on the roof often precludes its efficient utilization.

The wall-mounted lightning rods can be installed through a simple and convenient process. By installing these lightning rods and current collector conductors along the walls, you can prevent the use of lightning protection system elements on the roof. This avoids damage to the roof coating caused by lightning protection products, simplifies roof maintenance and snow removal in winter, allows for freely locating any equipment or utilities, and ensures that the roof can be used without any limitations.

The lightning rod are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable. They can also be used in aggressive environments. The lightning rods are available in a wide range of heights: 6, 7, 8, and 10 meters.

Please see full information on wall-mounted lightning rods on a separate page.

If you need to calculate lightning protection, contact the ZANDZ Technical Center.

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