Grounding for an Anti-Drone Grid

Grounding for an Anti-Drone Grid

It is now critical to defend vital energy and fuel industry installations against drone attacks. There are various methods for creating it, but all require a massive metal object: a grid support or the grid itself when it is made of metal. As soon as the anti-drone grid is elevated above existing lightning arrestors, it becomes very attractive for a lightning discharge. And this structure becomes a means to protect both against remote-piloted vehicles and lightnings. Now, it also functions as a lightning protection system.

To avoid the dangerous effects of a lightning strike, the anti-drone grid or its supports should be grounded as per the requirements for lightning protection.

Upon the strike to the anti-drone grid, the lightning current may be more dangerous for both the protected facility and equipment and the servicing personnel. It is necessary to ensure that a dangerous lightning impulse can propagate in the ground.

How to ground the anti-drone grid quickly? Use a grounding set ZZ-000-333 for each support. The set contains a kit of grounding rods, a bar, and other necessary elements for the self-installation of grounding. To mount the kit, a sledgehammer or a powerful perforator gun with a SDS-Max attachment. can be used. The set elements are selected so that it could be made as three 3 m vertical electrodes at the distance of 3-4 meters from each other.

Grounding for an Anti-Drone Grid

The set conforms to RD 34.21.122-87 to the lightning protection rod grounding and is always available at the warehouse.

The set includes:

It is worth remembering the recommendation of the regulations to combine the grounding arrangement of lightning protection and re-electrical installation in order to comply with the electrical safety requirement.

Order the ZZ-000-333 set now or contact us to get a consultation. We will help you select a grounding set to solve any specific task.

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