Example of the Lightning Protection Design for a Shop in a Gravelly Soil

Dear friends, we offer you to study the detailed design example for lightning protection of the industrial shop. This detailed design has a number of interesting features. One of them is that it involves gravelly soil that is good for construction but bad for grounding as it has a soil resistivity of 3,000 Ohm*m. The second feature is a special request to calculate the protection level using the zone method as per SO 153-34.21.122-2003. The design contains materials which allow using it as a typical design: calculation formulas for protection zone generation are dynamic and allow introducing changes to the initial data with the subsequent automatic calculations of the outer boundary of the protection zone to determine the roof level. Resistance calculation is provided as a separate file for convenient adjusting and further updating in your design. Use our experience in your designs!

Learn how to solve the high-resistance soil to provide lightning protection grounding in a new ZANDZ design example!

We have collected more exemplary designs for buildings of various purpose and industries on a special page at our website.

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