Grounding Arrangement Using Coke Fines. Exemplary Design

The ZANDZ Technical Center has received an unusual task: to calculate grounding arrangement using coke fines in high-ohmic soils. The grounding facility is a control station. The required grounding arrangement resistance is 4 Ohms.

Partial replacement of poorly conductive soil to compositions with high conductivity is one of widely used methods to achieve suitable resistances for the grounding arrangement. The replacement composition should both better conduct current and conform to the regulations effective in the construction region. Coke fines are suitable for the locations where the soil is other than permafrost.

The typical feature of the use of coke fines in grounding arrangements is low abundance of this method and poor regulatory framework. We propose you to study this unusual typical design.

We have collected more exemplary designs for buildings of various purpose and industries on a special page at our website.

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