Lightning strikes gamer while playing Playstation

A resident of the UK, 33-year-old Aidan Rowan, was struck by lightning while playing a Playstation in his living room. According to a storm victim, «there was a very loud crack, like thunder, and then it seemed to me that someone had dropped something very heavy on my whole body».

Ironically, during the impact, he was playing a game called "Stray", where the main character is a stray cat who got lost during a thunderstorm.

Immediately after the incident, Aidan was taken to the hospital, where he was under observation for several hours. Nine doctors from different departments came to check on the man. He received about 60 burns on his arms and legs, including a star-shaped burn near his palm.

The gamer stated that this is the last time he played the console during a thunderstorm.

How exactly lightning overtook a person in his house is still not clear. In any case, it is worth protecting yourself from such situations and installing a lightning protection system.

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