Is It Dangerous When the Lightning Heats the Current Collector?

Опасен ли нагрев токоотвода током молнии? - Is It Dangerous When the Lightning Heats the Current Collector?

Wires in lightning protection current collectors are often a single transport means for full lightning current to the grounding system. All the natural power sometimes flows along just several conductors. The question surely arises: how safe is it?

Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan in his new article: "Is Lightning Protection Current Collector Heating Dangerous?" can answer this question in full. The calculation of conductor heating temperature considering the metal resistance growth ratio and skin effect due to pulse nature of the flowing current described in the article may help in assessment of the proposed fire risks. The article is intended to analyze various cases of current collector designs and to answer the questions, such as:

  • How does the current collector material affect the heating temperature?
  • What if we increase or reduce current collector's cross-section compared to recommended standards?
  • What is the impact of the number of current collectors in the lightning protection system?
  • Which option is better: to make current collector thicker or to increase their number?

Moreover, the article is to consider upward positive and abnormal lightnings and to assess fire danger in locations of connection of the current collector wires. The article contains real-life experiments with the heated current collector and plastic holders!
Read this extremely fascinating article by a renowned expert in lightning protection, Prof. E.M. Bazelyan.


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