We invite you to a free-of-charge webinar on lightning design!

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On Wednesday, 08 April,  the next webinar dedicated to design of lightning protection and grounding will take place.

We invite you to a free-of-charge webinar on lightning design!

Subject: International Electrotechnical Standard IEC 62305-3, Protection of structures and people from physical damage caused by lightning.
Lecturer: Dr. Marek Loboda (Poland), the author of over 150 publications on lightning protection, is in the Commission on IEC development.
Price: free of charge!
Duration: 90 minutes. 

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss complex issues concerning design, installation, testing and maintenance of lightning protection systems for structures without height restrictions, as well as protection measures for people against electric shock caused by contact and step voltage.

During the webinar, we will address important features that should be considered when designing the entire lightning protection system and each component: lightning rods, down conductors, surge protection device, and grounding devices.

Visit the webinar to find out what should be taken into account when designing the lightning protection, what types of lightning rods can and can't be used!
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