Welcome to the oil and gas exhibition in Tyumen!

From 20 to 23 September the project "Grounding and lightning on ZANDZ.com» will take part in the most wide-scale oil and gas exhibition in Tyumen region - "Oil and Gas. Exhibition hall in Tyumen.

The event will feature solutions and services of more than 200 organizations working in the oil and gas industry. The program includes public lectures, conferences, contests and, of course, an overview of modern equipment and materials for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Specially for you we have prepared a unique 3D-model of an oil and gas tank farm with an installed grounding and lightning protection system. The reduced exposition shows how electrolytic grounding kits and rod lightning rods look like in an assembled form.

Our mount № 10 "ZANDZ - grounding and lightning protection"

(Tyumen, Sevastopol street, 12 Tyumen Fair)

Travel directions

Throughout the exhibition you can ask questions and discuss the terms of cooperation with the main consultant on commercial matters - Salamatina Julia and the head of the direction - Alexey Rozhankov.

We are waiting for you at stand number 10 «ZANDZ - grounding and lightning protection!"

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