How Does A Lightning Orient and Can We Control This?

As it is known, articles are written to be published in journals, and since recently, also in Internet. Journals and sites can be different. Some of them are used for advertising and are not responsible for their content by selling space for the material only, while others are interested in application of the published materials and want designers to become their readers. There are also purely scientific journals. They publish results of experimental research, accept theories, sometimes having hypothetical or even polemical nature. New research are not definite. Here, it is important to distinguish the rational hypothesis, which is not so evident yet, from fictional dilettantish ideas contradicting the fundamental law. The editorial board consisting of recognized world-class experts works to select articles in these journals, and two or three specially assigned scientists well-known for their research in the area review each article.

In the review for the recent article by E. M. Bazelyan on controlling lightnings, one of the reviewers advised him to create a practical work, which would allow assessing methodological advancements in practical lightning protection. Recent ZANDZ webinar that was held as a discussion urged Eduard Meerovich to agree with this.

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