Supply of ZandZ ZZ-100-102 grounding kit for OOO PSK “PromZhilStroyInvest"

We value every client and pay equal attention to both large and small orders. That is why we have an impeccable reputation and a high level of customer loyalty.

We received a request from OOO PromZhilStroyInvest Design and Construction Company for the supply of a ZandZ ZZ-100-102 electrolytic grounding kit. The director of the customer company sent a review and expressed his gratitude for the customer-oriented approach.

Supply of ZandZ ZZ-100-102 grounding kit for OOO PSK “PromZhilStroyInvest

To the general director
LLC Complect Postavka
A.Y. Skobelkin

Dear Andrey Yurjevich!

To fulfill the requirements of the customer and the project solution we purchased ZZ-100-102 ZANDZ electrolytic grounding kit from LLC “Complect Postavka. We liked the information support very much. The engineers of the ZANDZ Technical Center consulted us and gave detailed data on the components of the kit and its characteristics. They also presented us the required certificates and equipment passports. 

The quality of the grounding is outstanding! If a need arises, we will make an order from you! Thank you for a pleasant cooperation!

General director
LLC Promzhilstroyinvest                                                                                                                                                                                                                R.I. Khanbalaev


You can see examples on grounding on the example of ZANDZ and GALMAR equipment at the link.

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