Lightning is a natural phenomenon which is still understudied. You can buy unique books of E.M.Bazelyan which contain useful, interesting and detailed information about peculiarities of lightning, its impact on various objects, protection measures and other nuances.


The first book "Questions of practical lightning protection" is addressed to engineers-designers of external and internal lightning protection of on-ground structures. The book is based on practical experience of the author and the laboratory staff of the Energy Institute to the name of G.M. Krzhyzhanowsky, of which he is the head. The book summarizes perceptions of lightning mechanisms and its parameters necessary to design lightning protection systems. Russian regulatory documents on lightning protection are being analyzed.

The second book "Electromagnet compatibility with lightning" is addressed to engineers-electricians and students of electro-technical institutes, who are interested in electro-magnet compatibility of modern technical equipment objects with a lightning discharge which is a powerful natural source of electro-magnetic field. The book analyzes the physical nature of dangerous impacts of electromagnet field and lightning current (including multi-component lightning) on technical objects, containing low-voltage electric networks and micro-electronic devices.

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We are sure that these books will be very useful for everybody whose job is related to design or installation of lightning protection systems.
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