Lightning protection of large territories is a hard task but quite resolvable

Lightning protection of large territories is a hard task but quite resolvable

ZANDZ project continued the cycle of educational events. 
On 19 June at 11:00 (Moscow time) we will hold a webinar regarding lightning protection of large territories.

The most important question is whether it is necessary to protect large territories from lightning, and if it is, what exactly to protect and in what way. The first thing that comes to mind is parks and forests. It is easiest to deal with them and make sure that you can get along without lightning protection if you understand how to behave correctly in a thunderstorm.

However, experience in protecting large areas has been accumulated and almost all methods for assessing the protective effect of lightning rods are being tested on its basis today. It is about high voltage overhead power lines. Their controlled length is hundreds of thousands of kilometers. During a thunderstorm season, a line with a length of about 100 km takes on several dozens of lightning strikes. To protect it, cable lightning rods are used, the calculation method of which is very well developed. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the designers are not in a rush to use the experience of using lightning cables for other technical objects. Large areas of electrical substations, tank farms, and oil pumping stations are still, for some not quite clear reason, protected by rod, rather than cable, lightning rods. It is expensive and not very reliable.

In recent years, it has become possible to show that the protective effect of the cable lightning conductor system (multi-cable system) can be significantly enhanced due to the screening effect of the space charge of the corona, which is excited in the electric field of a thundercloud without any additional high voltage sources.

The application of a corona lightning wire system allows not only to protect a large area from direct lightning strikes with a reliability of at least 0.999, but also significantly reduce the levels of electromagnetic interference on the electrical circuits of the protected object.

These and other issues related to lightning protection of large territories will be disclosed in more detail by professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan during the webinar. 

The duration of the webinar is 90 minutes. Sign up!

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