Calculating reliability of mesh protection

Calculating reliability of mesh protection

  • Вероятность прорыва – probability of a breakthrough
  • Сетка 12 на 12 м – mesh 12 x1 12m
  • Сетка 6 на 6 – mesh 6 x 6 
  • Здание 48 на 24 м – Building 48 x 24 m
  • Превышение сетки, м – mesh elevation, m

This material is the 3rd publication from the series of articles by Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan "Truth about lightning protection mesh". In these articles, the author tells about all the explicit and implicit nuances associated with the calculation of reliability, design and operation of lightning protection mesh.

From an electro physical point of view, the mesh presents itself a multi-wire system that can be easily calculated using a probabilistic method, for example, which was developed almost half a century ago at ENIN named after G.M. Krizhanovsky and is still used in Russia. With its help, all protection zones are built in the Instructon on Lightning Protection IS-153-34.21.122-2003. The program is available for public use on this site.

So, the calculation is able to reproduce the efficiency of mesh functioning in normal conditions for it. It is assumed that, located at an altitude of 30 m above the ground level, it protects people and equipment on the top floor of the building with a dielectric roof. For a 48x24 m building, a 12x12 m mesh is displayed in the calculation program with 3 cables 48 m long and 5 cables perpendicular to them 24 m long. For a 6x6 m mesh, 14 cables must be entered into the program above the same building. A variable parameter in the calculation is the excess of the mesh over the protected elements of the building.

This is the third part of the series of articles "Truth about lightning protection mesh". To read the material completely, you must sign up on the site.

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