Ready-made kits for lightning protection of a single-family house

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Ready-made kits for lightning protection of a single-family house

Kits for lightning protection of a single-family house

To create a truly reliable and effective system of external lightning protection, the ZANDZ Technical Center, based on many years of experience, prepared a unique ZANDZ ready-made lightning protection kits for a single-family house for you - typical solutions for the most common configurations of single-family houses.

Advantages of ready-made kits:

  • provision of lightning protection to the object in strict accordance with current regulations;
  • the effectiveness of each set is verified by calculation using a unique software developed by the ZANDZ team in cooperation with G.M. Krzhizhanovskii Energy Institute, OJSC (ENIN, OJSC);
  • the kit contains all the necessary parts for the installation of an external lightning protection system;
  • all elements are simple and convenient to use;
  • a passport is attached to each kit with an indication of all the technical characteristics of the system and with the installation instructions;
  • all components are made of high-quality materials, durable and aesthetic.

Important! Restrictions on the use of the kits

  1. The kits are applicable strictly for the specified building configuration. The type of roof, the height of the walls, the height of the ridge and the overall dimensions of your house should not exceed the values given in the description of the kits.

    If one of the dimensions of your house exceeds the specified values, you can buy additional accessories at your discretion.

  2. The calculation of the resistance of the grounding device as part of the ZANDZ lightning protection system was made for objects located in regions with ordinary soil (loam, clay, sandy loam, ...). These kits are not applicable in regions with high soil resistivity.

    You can read the average values of specific resistance of various types of soil at the link.
    The reference material on this page will help you to calculate the necessary grounding device configuration.

  3. 3.    The kits are designed for the reliability of the lightning protection system, corresponding to the type of object “single-family house” (a typical object according to CO 153-34.21.122-2003). These kits are not applicable for public, industrial and other types of objects, since any of them may require increased reliability of the external lightning protection system.

    You can calculate the reliability of the system, as well as the probability of a lightning breakthrough, using a specialized calculation service.


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