The eighth part of the article "Lightning protection of aircrafts"


The prospect of their use in aviation promises bright outlooks to everybody, except specialists on lightning protection. Cheapening and weight-reduction of the air frame construction doesn't cause any doubt. As for lightning protection, it is not that clear. The formula given above (6) and (8) put the level of thunder overvoltages in the dependence on the quantity of metal in the body frame of an airplane. A thin metal mesh mounted into the composite material won't substitute the solid metal. More likely, it will be necessary to struggle with thunder overvoltages in on-board circuits with other methods. Rigorous screening of electric circuits and equipment are promising. But, the metal expenditures will be high. It will be necessary to thoroughly analyze the economic expedience of such a method.



E. M. Bazelyan, DEA, professor
Energy Institute named after G.M. Krzyzanowski, Moscow


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