Webinar Titled "Follow Current in SDP Triggering. Cancelling Technique"


was held on December 16, 2020

Speaker: Dmitry Semenov, Application Engineer, OOO "Fenix Contact Rus". He has three years of experience in pulse overvoltage protection. SDP application in power supply, DCS and communication systems. Performing tests according to standards IEC 61643, Parts 11 and 32

An aim to make the power source of the electrical device as powerful as possible and capable of stably providing consumers with power and work with large startup loads leads to operational problems of SDPs. In case of triggering, the SDP has to drain the overvoltage pulse and cope with the follow current directly depending on the short circuit current of the electrical device, without any false triggering of ACBs and fuse element burning.

What can SDP do to provide seamless electrical device operation? Let's look into this during the webinar.

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