Grounding and lightning protection news, 11/19/2015

Modern technologies for the benefit of consumers!

Modern technologies for the benefit of people!

Early lightning detection systems are becoming more common throughout the world. This is not surprising, as it is more rea-sonable to prepare for the disaster in advance and prevent potential losses than to eliminate the consequences.

Here is a fresh example of how the early lightning detection system is used!


Two webinars that you cannot miss!

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you about two useful online events devoted to the lightning protection!

1) November 25: a webinar with Prof.
E.M. Bazelyan on the topic of the day:
"How to choose lightning arresters after all".
The event is about the differences in methods proposed by regulations.

2) December 9: the fourth on-line meeting with the representative of LEC company, USA. 
This time, we will focus on modern lightning protection for the oil and gas industry.

Join now, it will be exciting!

Two webinars that can not be missed!


Video: a direct lightning strike into a weather radar!

Video: direct lightning strike in weather radar!

Meteorologists captured the video of a direct lightning strike into weather radar during a flash flood in the city of Brownsville (Texas, USA).

Watch a video of the incident on our website!


Hot news from ZANDZ!

There are some awesome and literally hot new products in catalog, which will be useful during the installation of grounding and lightning protection. We are talking about off-the-shelf exothermic welding kits designed to create a reliable and durable contact between grounding electrodes, round horizontal conductors and tapes in various combinations.

Hot novelty from ZANDZ - ready-made sets of exothermic welding


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