Modern Technology for the Good of the People!


Early lightning detection systems are becoming more common throughout the USA and the world. This is no surprise, as it is more reasonable to prepare for a disaster in advance and prevent potential losses than to eliminate the consequences.

The Thor Guard lightning detection system has recently been installed to warn and protect against an oncoming storm at the sport grounds in Hanover Park Village (Illinois, USA). Sport venues are very crowded with athletes and spectators, which means that the special measures are necessary to inform people about danger in good time and protect them. The Thor Guard system is able to recognize conditions favorable for lightning strikes at a distance of up to 4 kilometers from where it is installed. The installed system is powered by solar energy supplied from a photovoltaic panel, which makes it autonomous from common power supplies and provides for its stable operation in case of their breakdown.

The operational principle of the system is simple. It makes calculations based on data from its sensors that detect positive and negative ions in the air. As soon as the system has detected possible conditions for lightning, the alarm mode is activated - 15 seconds of audio signal and a flashing strobe light. As soon as the threat passes, the system emits 3-5 final signals and the strobe stops blinking, informing that there is no more danger.

According to a representative from the park's administration, installation of a lightning warning system is becoming standard for sport institutions, sports venues and places for recreation activities.