Lift grounding design (lift equipment) in a business center

Lift grounding design (lift equipment) in a business center

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The task:

Object: Passenger lift in a business center.

Number of floors: 10 floors.

Perimeter of the building in plan: 58x18 m.

Soil: sandy loam, sand.

Specific resistance of the ground accepted for calculations: 150 Ohm*m.

It is required to carry out grounding calculations for the passenger lift in the business center and draw up a specification of the necessary equipment.



1. Grounding of the lift is carried out in accordance with the drawings and installation instructions for the manufacturer, as well as electrical installation code of the 7th edition.

2. All metal parts of the lift that may become live due to insulation failure are subject to grounding: the enclosures of all electrical appliances, the guiding cabins, the cab, the shaft doors, the shield enclosures, the support frame, the motor housing, the brake magnet housing, transformers, lamp housings, etc.

3. A galvanized steel strip 30x4, item number: ZZ-502-304 is used as the grounding line in the lift engine room and the shaft. The strip is fastened by welding on the supporting corner (see sheet 3 Assembly Unit) at a distance of 10 mm from wall. The corner is fixed on the wall with dowels in increments of 1-1.5 m. In the lift engine room, the ground line is located 500 mm above the floor. The segments of the strip of the line are connected by welding.

4. Branches to grounded units are provided from the main bus. The branches are made of the same material and are connected to the main line by welding. Serial connections on equipment branches are not permitted.

Connection of the branch to the fixed structures and units is carried out by welding. The connection of the branch to devices and units mounted on shock absorbers or requiring adjustment of their position is carried out by a flexible jumper from a stranded copper wire with a cross section of 45 mm2.

Grounding of metal hoses in the lift engine room and the shaft is carried out by means of a flexible jumper. The doors of the shaft are grounded by a branch from the strip and its welding to the portal of doors.

5. The cab is grounded through one of the wires of the overhead cable. Additional grounding of the cab is carried out using an overhead cable. Metal parts of the cab, control panel are connected by jumpers.

6. The grounding line of the lift equipment is connected to the main earthing bus (main switchboard of the building). The grounding device is provided in the form of a horizontal copper-plated strip of 30x4 mm, item number: GL-11075, laid at a distance of 1 m from the foundation and at a depth of 0.5 m. Perimeter of the building in plan - 58x18 m. The resistance of the grounding device, according to the calculation of Rgd = 2.25 Ohm * m.

Calculation of the resistance of the grounding device

Horizontal electrode resistance:

Horizontal electrode resistance


ρ = 150 ohms per meter - specific resistance of the ground accepted for the calculations;

b = 0.03 m - horizontal electrode strip width;

h = 0.5 m - horizontal grid depth;

Lhor = 160 m - total horizontal electrode length.

The design resistance of the grounding device is 2.25 ohms.

The list of required materials:

№ п/п Fig. Vendor code Name Quantity Weight (kg per unit)
1 ZZ-502-304 ZZ-502-304 ZANDZ Strip of galvanized steel
30x4 mm
100 0.31 per 1 m
2 GL-11075 GL-11075 GALMAR Strip of copper-plated steel (30*4 mm) 165 0.08 \per 1 m
3 ZZ-007-030 ZZ-007-030 ZANDZ Waterproofing Tape 3 0,442
4   ZZ-004-060  Flexible wire PV3-1x16 mm2 100  
5   ZZ-005-064  Flexible wire PV3-1x4 mm3 50  

Appendix: design in DWG and PDF

Appendix: design in DWG and PDF-1

Appendix: design in DWG and PDF-2

Appendix: design in DWG and PDF-3


Заземление кабины лифта / Прокладка заземляющей магистрали

Lift cabin grounding / Earthing grid laying




Wire rope

Магистральная шина: Сталь 30х4 ZZ-502-304

Field bus: 30х4 Steel ZZ-502-304

Опорный уголок

Base angle



Кабель заземления к кабине лифта

Grounding cable to lift cabin

Заземление аппаратов и проводящих частей в шахте лифта

Grounding of equipment and conductive parts in the lift shaft

Гибкая перемычка ПВ3-1х4

Flexible jumper PV3-1х4

Аппарат (проводящая часть)

Equipment (conductive part)

Ответвление: Сталь 30х4


Branch line: 30х4 Steel


Заземление лифтового оборудования. Узлы

Grounding of lift equipment. Assembly units

Технический центр

Technical Center of





Main Grounding Bus

Заземляющий проводник

Grounding conductor

Магистраль заземления

Провод 1х16

Earthing grid

Wire 1х16

Контур заземления R не более 10 Ом

Полоса омедненная (30х4 мм) Артикул: GL-11

Ground loop R max. 10 Ohm

Copper-plated bar (30x4 mm) Item number: GL-11

Магистраль (шина) заземления

Сталь 30х4 (Артикул: ZZ-502-304)

Earthing grid (bus)

30х4 Steel (Item number: ZZ-502-304)

Контур заземления в приямке

Ground loop in a pit

Контур заземления под перекрытием шахты

Ground loop under shaft span

Кабина лифта

Lift cabin

Порталы дверей шахты

Shaft doorways

Направляющие кабины / противовеса

Cabin / counterbalance weight guides

Шунты и датчики по шахте

Shunts and sensors in the shaft

Выключатель натяжного устройства

Tensioner switch



Тормозное устройство

Brake assembly


Reduction gear

Корпус СУЛ

Lift-control station body

Щиток освещения ЩО

Lighting panel (LP)

Контур заземления в машинном помещении

Ground loop in a lift engine room

Ограничитель скорости

Speed limiting device

Вводное устройство ВУ (рубильник)

Input device ID (cutoff switch)

Монтажная рама

Mounting frame

Монтажный люк

Mounting hatch

Входная дверь

Entrance door

Заземление лифтового оборудования. Схема заземления

Grounding of lift equipment. Ground connection diagram

Технический центр

Technical Center of

Files in DWG and PDF are available for download only to authorized users.


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