Grouding of painting equipment in electrostatic field

We are all used to the fact, that grounding of equipment in an industrial workshop is first of all necessary to ensure the safety of its staff. However, some kinds of industrial machines have technological grounding, which is essential for the fulfillment of their basic functions.

Let's see the method of painting in electrostatic field as an example. The main principle of this method is as follows. When spraying, the particles of paint, going through the gun nozzle, get an electric charge through the integrated high voltage generator and a fall into the electrostatic field. Then they move directionally along the lines of force of the electrostatic field between the gun nozzle and the grounded painted detail, covering its surface evenly. The presence of such a field increases the coefficient of painting material transfer to the product up to 80-98%, and in many respects facilitates and accelerates the process of its application.

Grouding of painting equipment in electrostatic field

Распылитель – spray gun

Кабель – cable

Шланг для подачи порошка – powder delivery hose 

Отрицательно заряженные свободные ионы – negatively charged free ions

Коронирующий электрод – corona electrode

Силовые линии – line of flux

Частицы порошка – powder particles

Заземленное изделие – grounded product

Электростатическое обтекание – electrostatic flowover



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