ESE-impact, often called a "senseless invention" by the opponents of active lightning rods, from the point of view of electrodynamic physics and physical properties of the gas discharge are effective "interceptors" of downward lightning. At a competent selection of the amplitude and time of action of the operational voltage, ESE-effects could be an excellent substitute for the current models of lightning rods, because they are able to intercept lightning at longer distances. Moreover, when using an active lightning arrestor with ESE-action, it becomes possible to create a synchronized "interception" of lightning from the moment of their start.

The reason why today there is a large number of opponents of active lightning protection is not their ideology, but the lack of ideas about the technical properties of equipment necessary to translate this idea into reality. They are not skeptics and imagine how ESE-impact can realize a complex mechanism of lightning "interception".

Moving from the topic of physical capabilities and knowledge available to a modern man, it should be noted that the creation of active lightning rods requires significant financial investments. Considering that such receivers cannot be placed in modern small-sized devices offered by the manufacturers of lightning protection products due to their size, they are unprofitable from a commercial point of view. Although, in case of a general introduction and gradual study of their technical and physical characteristics, this will become real (for example, the first computers weighed 27 tons, the minimum weight of modern ones is 200-400 grams).

Another important problem for using lightning protection with an early streamer emission system is the existence of multicomponent lightning. When dealing with them, you must use control pulses with a minimum frequency of 10 Hz. An own power source is required for their engagement. It is required for the realization of the process of accumulating energy in the formed tanks at high speed.

An example of a hypothetical use of ESE lightning rod

As an example, we are using a billboard 20 meters high. Imagine that on top of it we had previously installed a lightning rod, at the same height of 20 meters (h = 20). The approximate lightning protection radius with an active lightning rod is 100 meters (r0A= 100). In a situation where we would use a standard lightning rod, the radius of protection would be 20 meters (r0N= 20).

The difference given in the example is quite perceptible. But let's continue, just let's discuss this: ESE-lightning rods, rather than standard equipment for lightning protection, can attract 25 times more lightning strikes.

Positive aspects of using lightning rods

Having installed an ESE lightning rod on the roof of our own house, we can be sure that by performing the "interception" procedure, it will in no way affect the level of electromagnetic influence emmited by it. This way of "catching" lightning can take place, but not in the present era. Now the cost of microelectronic devices is comparable to the cost of a single-storey house, located outside the MKAD.

Of course, lightning protection system with early streamer emission will become popular in the future, in a few years. Now, the manufacturers of lightning protection equipment have the opportunity to investigate active lightning arresters with ESE-impact and arrange improvised "runs" to create a compact and inexpensive lightning protection products of active action.

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