Grounding in rocky soil

... from the book "Grounding: answers to questions"

Good afternoon! How is it possible to make good grounding in rocky soil?
Good afternoon. If there is at least 0.8 - 1 meter of fine soil on the rocky monolith, then electrolytic grounding can be used. It is a horizontal electrode in the form of stainless steel pipe with perforations, in which there is a mixture of special salts. This salt absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil and, leaching, comes out into this soil in the form of a ground conductive electrolyte. Thus, the ground sharply reduces its resistivity - allowing to get a ground electrode resistance (of that stainless steel pipe) 10 times less than the usual horizontal electrode of this size in the normal (non-improved) soil.

Moreover- electrolytic grounding is widely used for the installation of grounding devices in permafrost, where the spreading resistance is equal to really 4 ohms  in winter time.


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