Distance from the grounding to the pipeline

Distance from the grounding to the pipeline

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Hello! At what distance from the gas pipeline, grounding must be mounted?
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The vertical electrode

The vertical electrode with the depth of  more than 5 meters, "works" on 90% - in the zone around itself of a radius equal to its depth.

At the distance of 2 depths, there is a 95% working area of such an electrode.

Zone of 99% efficiency of such an electrode is within the range of 20 depths.

Thus, it is reasonable to place a vertical grounding electrode at the distance of an electrode double depth.

However, when you connect lightning protection (lightning rods) to the ground electrode, this distance should be increased up to 5-fold size.

Let me draw your attention that the great separation of the pipeline electrode is only necessary in cases of possible presence of serious power currents (eg, lightning currents - when connecting grounding electrode (s) to a lightning rod).


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