Burial of a grouding conductor

... from the book "Grounding: answers to questions"

Please tell what is the difference if the connecting wire is laid between the grounding electrodes at the depth of 0.5 m or on the surface?
Depth of 0.5 - 0.7 m arose from a typical "project", in which the following bases were used:

  1. In the central region of Russia / USSR the freezing depth = 0.5 - 0.7 meters.
  2. Calculation of the required number of vertical electrodes (angles) was held TOGETHER with the horizontal grounding / connection conductor, ie, its contribution to the overall ground resistance was taken into account.

Thus, buruing the conductor deeper the following objectives were achieved:

  • The horizontal part of the ground electrode does NOT freeze in winter, so the grounding resistance does NOT increase in this period.
  • The conductor and the ground electrode is NOT subjected to the weather influence (rain), and therefore they serve longer.
  • At this depth, the conductor and the ground electrodes are NOT exposed to mechanical stress, and it means the safety of the device as a whole increases.


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