ZANDZ and GALMAR Grounding and Lightning Protection solution catalog and album

  • grounding:
    • threaded copper-bonded ground rods and components
    • new-generation unthreaded copper-bonded ground rods
    • electrolytic ground electrodes for permafrost and soils
    • copper-bonded wire and tape grounding conductors
    • Plastic inspection pits for ground electrodes
  • external lightning protection
    • air terminal masts
    • copper-bonded wire down conductors
    • down conductor clamps

The document also contains useful information to assist designers (e.g. a table of electrical resistivity values of many soil types).

The annex to the catalog (included in the basic edition) describes instruments used for the measurement and troubleshooting of grounding devices, cable lines, and electrical appliances.


A separate leaflet is a standard solutions album covering the examples of design documents where the above products are used.





You can order a printed version of the catalog and the album for free from any of our staf members.


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