Surge protection device CT PV-T2 / 2-0 / 1000

Product item: LE-960-223

SPD for use in DC networks with maximum voltage of 1000 V (L+ L-). The device consists of two parts - base for assembling on a DIN rail and a protective removable module.

  • High protection level;
  • possible to use without fuses;
  • no leakage currents;
  • mounted on a DIN-rail of 35 mm;
  • equipped with a status signalling;
  • has multi-functional terminals for various conductors and bars;
  • optional contact of remote signaling system (FM version).
Maximum working voltage, DC, V
Product item
CT PV-T2/2-0/1000 1000 LE-960-222
CT PV-T2/2-0/1000-FM 1000 LE-960-223

If necessary, you can additionally purchase protective removable modules CT PV-T2-1000-M LE-960-247.


LE-960-222 - 18 050,00 Руб. (под заказ)

LE-960-223 - 21 310,00 Руб. (под заказ)

LE-960-247 - 8 390,00 Руб. (под заказ)

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