Product item: LA-6GW/GT

PheeNet LA-6GW / GT is a lightning protection device for access point coaxial transmission lines (from the antenna side) designed to protect telecommunication equipment against the damage of electronic circuits from a surge caused by a lightning discharge.

Technical specifications

Frequency range 0~6 GHz
Standing Wave Ratio < 2.0
Insertion loss 1dBi
Intrinsic impedance 50 Ohm

Spark-gap breakdown voltage, DC

230 V +/- 20%

Nominal breakdown current 10/1000 microseconds

100 A
Connector type N Plug / N Jack
Dimensions 30.2 x 77.8 mm
Weight 140 g
Material Cooper with electro-plating


LA-6GW/GT - 2 292,00 Руб.

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PheeNet LA-6GW/GT

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