What mesh size should the air termination network have?


A lightning protection, or air termination, network, is increasingly used in designs to protect buildings against lightning. According to RD 34.21.122-87, it can be applied to structures with flat roofs or roofs with a slight slope. The network cells, whose size depends on the level of building protection, are made of wire and special clamps for conductor wires.

What dimensions should the mesh of the air termination network have for a 60 m high building, if an open-air cafe is located on its roof? Designing lightning protection, not only the roof to be used, but also the electrical safety of people must be always kept in mind.

For answers to these questions, see this short video by Prof. Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan.

Lightning protection mesh is the primary means for building roof protection, but should not be viewed as the primary means of protection against direct lightning strikes. Having doubts about that? Contact the Technical Center for a detailed consultation.

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