Dear visitor, this article was written on September 4, 2014. In 2023, it became obsolete, as the main regulatory document was updated, which regulates the rules for servicing the grounding conductor. When updating the Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers, the points on which this article relies were removed from the document.

protective conductor

Frequency and scope of inspections for grounding devices are regulated by the Rules of Technical Operation of Consumer Electrical Plants, approved by Order of the Ministry of Energy No. 6 dated 13/01/2003. Par. 2.7.8-2.7.15, Appendix 3 Table 26. Visual inspections of the visible part of the grounding device should be carried out at least once in 6 months by a person responsible for the customer's  electrical equipment.

During the inspection, state of contact connections between the protective conductor and equipment, anticorrosive coating, and continuity are to be evaluated. Inspections with selective opening of the ground should be performed at least once in 12 years. When opening the soil, one should make instrumental assessment of the grounding rod system state and assessment of the degree of contact connection corrosion. Grounding component should be replaced if more than 50% of its cross section is destroyed. 

In order to determine the technical state of a grounding device in accordance with the test standards of electrical equipment, the following operations should be carried out:

  • measurement of grounding device resistance;
  • checking continuity between grounding and grounded components;
  • checking the state of grounding device components being in the ground.

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