Welded connection for the price of a clamp!


Dear customers!

Exothermic welding is a modern and efficient method for joining metal products. To let you fully appreciate all its advantages, we have prepared a special offer: disposable sets for welding earthing conductors to the earthing rod for 285 rubles! The offer is valid from November 14, 2016 to June 30, 2017. The goods are in stock in Moscow, but hurry, because there is only a limited quantity!

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  • Will NOT increase resistance - Conductivity of the welded joint is higher than that of welded conductors!
  • Will NOT weaken - The chemical reaction makes it possible to create a long-lasting and moisture-resistant contact over a large area in contrast to the spot contact of conventional welding;

Why try today?

  • It's convenient! The disposable kit contains everything you need for welding.
  • Low cost! The promotional cost of one set is lower than that of a bolt clamp.
  • Quick installation! The work takes no more than 2 minutes, including cooling.
  • Accessories! Prices for accessories have been discounted: a special lighter and extension for it, a heat-resistant mat, protective glasses and gloves.


Products included in the offer:

1. Disposable ZANDZ kits for rods of 14 and 17 mm in diameter:

Disposable sets.jpg


2. Accessories for exothermic welding:

  • ZZ-440-201 special lighter;
  • ZZ-440-201 extension for the lighter;
  • ZZ-440-303 heat resistant mat;
  • ZZ-440-303 protective goggles;
  • ZZ-440-302 gloves.



IMPORTANT: The quantity of goods is limited!

See the advantages of exothermic welding for yourself! Buy your own kit at an incredibly low price!

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