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Summing up the outgoing year, we suggest recalling the most striking events. Throughout 2018, we have prepared useful materials for you, conducted training webinars and meetings of the ZANDZ Expert Club, and also talked about the most interesting projects carried out by our Technical Center. Thank you for appreciating our efforts! We are glad to have new subscribers on the site and on our pages in social networks.

The materials that our readers most actively viewed on the ZANDZ website in 2018 are below:

A review article that is useful to anyone who wants to get basic knowledge of grounding systems.

Why delta grouping is liked by grounding conductors and why you should abandon the legacy of the previous generation.

We answer the reader's question about the TN-C grounding system type.

The ZANDZ website has a tool for calculating the probability of a lightning strike into an object protected by lightning rods! This online service allows you not only to check the reliability of the lightning protection system, but also to carry out the most rational and correct lightning protection project.

Successful improving the means and methods of lightning protection is determined by the development of measures for the active impact on the lightning discharge, the improvement of the national regulatory framework, as well as the updating of actual data on thunderstorm activity in Russia. Professor E.M. Bazelyan talks about the means to be done to bring domestic lightning protection to a whole new level.

During the webinar, the lecturer talked about the advantages of BIM design, gave a definition of the project life cycle, introduced it to the main software, and spoke about the principles of operation in the BIM model.

The answer to this question is in the video placed on our website.

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