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Many US states use Thor Thunderstorm Warning System to protect townspeople or area residents from likely hazards of lightning strikes.

The systems are installed in crowded areas, such as: parks, college campuses, etc.

How it works: specialized sensors analyze and measure electrostatic areas located many kilometers away in the atmosphere and predict likelihood of lightning, 8 to 20 minutes before it strikes.

When a lightning is likely to strike, the warning system triggers 15-second Storm Alarm. Depending on the current situation, the alarm may or may not be repeated. As soon as the peril diminishes, the system runs 3 signals like "It's okay" for 4 seconds each.

Thor System is extremely reliable and have been  used in many US counties already for more than 15 years in various areas, such as: parks, golf courses, schools and so forth.

Thor System Components:

Thor System Components

Installed alarm system:

Installed alarm system

Report on the use of Thor Playground Equipment  (Eng.).

Such systems warn only  about likelihood of a lightning. External lightning protection system is used to protect against direct lightning strikes.

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