The outcomes of the "Grounding and Lightning Protection: Protect the Private Sector" webinar

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Today, the Grounding and Lightning Protection: Protect the Private Sector - second webinar in the Grounding and Lightning Protection: Issues and Concerns Arising in the Design series - took place.

177 people participated in the webinar, including representatives of design institutes, as well as installation and operating organizations. Professor E.M. Bazelyan, lecturer at this webinar, talked about the features of external lightning protection systems for individual houses and buildings, as well as for public ones. The webinar compared various options for the protected facilities, being a detached building, a building is surrounded by other buildings, and buildings of varied height. Also, we were talking about how to protect against lightning effects on the building electrical circuits. Issues concerning use of reinforced concrete foundations in low'conductivity soils are by no means unimportant.

Of course, all the above mentioned issues are very topical at the moment, while regulations are not always able to respond well to them, not to mention the specific cases.

Only an hour after the end of the webinar, we already received several positive pieces of feedback and words of gratitude to the organizers and Professor E.M. Bazelyan.

Thank you all for your participation and heated discussion of topical issues in grounding and lightning protection! 

Video of the Grounding and Lightning Protection: Protect the Private Sector webinar as well as information about the date and topic of the next webinar will be published on our website shortly.


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