See the webinar recording about the origin of lightning protection zones and their impact on external lightning protection!

How did the lightning protection zones appear? How justified are they? Is there any alternative to them? Answers - in the webinar recording!

The origin of lightning protection zones

The webinar “The origin of lightning protection zones, their actual capabilities and negative impact on the optimization of external lightning protection” can already be seen in the recording on the ZANDZ website!

Like other events that were led by Professor E. M. Bazelyan from the Moscow Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute, the webinar gathered a large audience. Edward Meerovich is not only a recognized international expert in the field of grounding and lightning protection, but also a talented storyteller. At the webinar, he told a pile of information related to the scientific justification and practical application of lightning protection zones.

How was the probabilistic method of lightning conductor reliability formed? Is it authentic? Does it make sense to try to unambiguously determine the shape of the protection zones in the form of conical surfaces? What is the use of established practices for calculating them? But what are the alternatives? EM. Baselyan answers these and many other questions.

We recommend to watch this webinar to all designers, electricians and specialists of operational services who are somehow connected with lightning protection! Access to the video is free (you must register on the site).