New rod made of stainless steel!


We are happy to introduce you to a novelty — an earthing rod made of stainless steel, 18 mm in diameter and 5/8 UNC thread from both ends.

The new model represents the product line of earthing made of stainless steel and is produced under the product item ZANDZ ZZ-001-165-18.


Rod special features

Stainless steel ensures the high strength of the rod, which makes it possible to embed the main electrode up to 30 meters in length without using tools and dedicated machinery. Owing to the increased diameter, the rod offers improved anti-corrosion properties due to which the service life of earthing reaches 100 years even in the most aggressive environments.


Earthing rod ZANDZ ZZ-001-165-18

Sketch of the earthing rod


Dimensional drawing of the ground pin


If need to purchase earthing rods of 18 mm in diameter, remember that ZANDZ has the solution. Failed to find the required equipment in our catalog? Contact the Technical center, and we will gladly offer you a similar goods at a favorable price!

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