Grounding of equipment for food production should be as reliable as possible. The stability of the production line, and ultimately - the quality of products depends on it a lot. One of our customers considered this, when he addressed to the ZANDZ Technical Center with a request to calculate the equipment grounding at the Nestle production. Considering the features of the object, the customer indicated a special requirement - to make a grounding device with the resistance of less than 4 Ohms using an electrolytic grounding electrode. Our technical experts offered a solution, which we are sharing with you.

An example of calculation of grounding for food production

Object: Production line of the Nestle factory.

Object sizes.

Figure 1- Object sizes.


Carry out a grounding device with the resistance not exceeding 4 ohms.


A set of measures to ensure the necessary requirements to the equipment grounding system at the production of food products:

Grounding is made in accordance with the EIC 7th ed.

2. Installation of the 1st electrolytic grounding set ZZ-100-102-6MG-GN219. The kit is connected to the ground loop consisting of a steel copper-bonded tape with the cross-section of 30x4 mm. The distance from the electrode to the communication lines and foundations must be at least 3 m. The depth is 0.6 m.

Grounding device calculation resistance:

The design resistance of the grounding device is 3.98 ohms.


Figure 2 shows the arrangement of equipment.

Table 1 lists the necessary equipment and materials for grounding at the production of Nestle products.

Location of equipment for grounding of the Nestle production line

Figure 2 - Location of equipment for grounding of the Nestle production line.

Комплект электролитического заземления – electrolytic grounding kit
Полоса омедненная стальная сечение 30 на 4 – copper bonded tape with the cross section of 30 to 4 mm

Table 1 - List of equipment and materials.