Lightning protection of railway lines in Japan

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Lightning has always been the number one threat to operation of railways, particularly for operating systems and networks that are sensitive to power surges or electromagnetic impulses.

Tsukuba Express Line is renowned for providing a remarkable opportunity to  get from one location to another quickl

Tsukuba Express Line

The computerized control system for the line were equipped with conventional lightning protection system.

However, in 2006, a severe thunderstorm damaged the system and resulted in functionality detriment. After this accident, it was necessary to take proper precautions against such ones.

Hitachi gave a hand by examining the situation and providing their solution. The solution included the so-called Lightning Dissipation Array System (DAS™)) which resembles an umbrella.

Lightning Dissipation Array System

Operating principle of the system

Operating principle of the system

Electrical umbrella hanging over the facilities to be protected fills the space with positively charged ions to create the so-called shield against lightning over the facilities. In fact, the lightning discharges over that "shield"

Since such a system at Tsukuba Express was installed, the  lightning protection works has run effectively for over 7 years.

system at Tsukuba Express-1

system at Tsukuba Express-2

system at Tsukuba Express-3

Nowadays, this system is widely spread in Japan and worldwide.

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