According to AD, factories, if there are no explosive zones, refer to the third category of lightning protection. The class of explosion risk at this object is B-IIa, correspondingly it is necessary to carry out requirements to the 2 category. The designer or the customer will choose between the use of lightning rods or lightning mesh. The customer chose the latter for this object. Designing the lightning protection system with a lightning mesh, it is necessary to consider necessary details of the regulatory documents.


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Lightning protection of electrotechnical plant.

Object: electrotechnical plant.

Figure 1 - Plan of the object.


Figure 1 - Plan of the object.


Task: Perform lightning protection and grounding system calculations for the electro-technical factory.


Solutions to meet the requirements for a lightning protection system of an electro-technical plant:

1. Lightning protection is carried out in accordance with IS 153-34.21.122-2003 "Instructions for lightning protection of buildings, structures and industrial communications" (hereinafter IS) and AD 34.21.122-87 "Instructions for lightning protection of buildings and structures" (hereinafter AD).

2. In concordance with AD, it is necessary to protect the object according to the II category of lightning protection.

3. Lightning protection is carried out with the help of a lightning mesh with a distance between the meshes of 6 m. The mesh is made of steel copper-bonded wire (the tickness of the copper coating is not less than 70 mcm), the diameter of the wire is d8 mm (GL-11149).

4. Installation of down conductors is carried out with the help of clamp GL-11711A - on a roof, GL-11747A -on the roof parameter before connecting to flange beams. Distance between the clamps- from 0.8 up to 1.0 meter.

5. A universal clamp GL-11551A is used for connecting the mill products along the length and in the nods.

6. All metal elements, placed on the roof must be connected to the down conductor with the help of clamps GL-11545A. Stairs and hand railings are connected with the help of a clamp-bridge GL-11514.

7. Reinforced-concrete foundations, basements in accordance with AD 34.21.122-87 item 1.8. are used as natural grounding devices.

Figure 2 shows the arrangement of equipment.

Table 1 gives the list of the required equipment and materials.


Figure 2 – Layout of equipment for lightning protection of an electro-technical plant


Table 1 - List of need in materials.

Item. Image Designation Name Qty.
1. GL-11149-50 GALMAR Copper-bonded wire (D 8mm / S 50 mm²; coil of 50 meters) 190
2. GL-11551A GALMAR Clamp for connecting down conductors (painted galvanized steel) 1600
3. GL-11711 GALMAR Clamp on a flat roof for the down conductor (plastic, concrete) 8000
4. GL-11747A GALMAR Clamp for the roof covered with metal profiles / corrugated sheets, for down conductor (painted galvanized steel) 1500
5. GL-11545A GALMAR Clamp on the gutter for a down conductor (painted galvanized steel) 150
6. GL-11514 GALMAR Clamp-bridge on a gutter for down conductor (tinned copper) 100
7. ZZ-005-064 ZANDZ Clamp for connecting conductors (up to 40 mm) 40

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