Is it possible to install grounding for structures built on top of an earth dam?

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We have already written about grounding objects that are built on water. Grounding for such objects involves a vital set of measures to provide for the stable and effective operation of constructions and electrical installations that are located there. We are happy to share with you the latest interesting question that was sent to us in our group on Vkontakte.

Ситуация: необходимо выполнить заземление для сооружения на гребне грунтовой плотины на водохранилище, на глубине 3,5 м (минимальная глубина заложения заземлителя) обводненный грунт, грунт - песчано-гравийная смесь фракцией 4 мм. Можно ли устраивать заземление в таких условиях? Есть также вариант привязаться к арматуре железобетонной плиты, основания сооружения (площадь 12 м²). Какой вариант предпочтительней на ваш взгляд?

grounding for structures built on top of an earth dam
Situation: grounding is necessary for a structure on top of an earth dam at a reservoir; at the depth of 3.5 m (the minimum depth for laying a grounding conductor) there is waterlogged ground (a sand and gravel mix of 4 mm in size). Is the installation of grounding allowed in such conditions? One of the options is to attach it to the rods of a reinforced-concrete slab at the base of the structure (12 m² in area). Which option is the best in your opinion?

After thorough examination of the question, our technical experts gave the following answer. It is possible to install grounding in such conditions. In this case, the reinforcement of the foundations should be used, which will be complemented by an artificial ground conductor in order to achieve the necessary resistance. In order to ensure a correct evaluation of the materials and works required, information on the type of the facility and necessary resistance is necessary.

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