How to choose lightning rods correctly?

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Как правильно выбирать молниеотводы

The issue of effective lightning rod selection is caused by the formalization of calculation methods, in which physical conceptions of lightning were simplified as much as possible or completely absent. This began when the protection area concept was introduced. The protection area is a space around the lightning rod in which the probability of lightning reaching an object entirely located within the area does not exceed a set value. Regardless of the fact that the calculation misses out many important characteristics, the protection area in one form or another is presented in almost all regulatory documents on lightning protection. Nevertheless, taking into account the differing requirements of those documents, a compromise must be found somehow.

The article describes the key criteria when choosing a lightning rod and differences between IEC 62305 and Russian regulatory documents, as well as the possibilities of a statistical approach and practical advice on lightning rod selection. The article ends with some conclusions.

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