The Moscow committee on the price policy in building and state expertise of projects published an order from 10.12.2018 № МКЭ-ОД/18-56 "About confirmation of "Methodological recommendations on the calculation of design cost when using technology of information modelling, carried out with the fundrising of Moscow city budget".


The chairman of the committee Valeriy Leonov said that the recommendations were developed upon the order of Moscow authorities and now the Plan of events on the introduction of BIM-technologies is being implemented in the capital. The order № МКЭ-ОД/18-56 will become the methodological base for the budget calculation of the project developemtn with the use of information modelling technology for some objects of capital construction in the capital.


The method of calculation of prices from the Order, according to Leonov's opinion, will help the government entities count the ultimate design price with the application of information modelling technology. These methods were developed in Russia for the first time.

Besides, in the end of 2018, The Ministry of Construction formed a working party to introduce the technologies of information modelling. The group will work on the expertise of BIM-technologies introduction projects on all stages of the "life cycle" of capital construction objects.

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