Recording complex grounding

Like any other accurate and expensive electronics, the equipment of the recording complex requires a reliable grounding system. In addition, during recording, it is important to eliminate interference, and this requires a low resistance of the grounding device - 2 ohms. ZANDZ Technical Center received a request for the calculation of such grounding for one of the recording complexes. Let's study the solution offered by our specialists.


Calculation example of grounding for a sound recording complex


Object: Sound Recording Complex

Recording complex grounding

Figure 1 - Object placement.



Carry out a grounding device with the resistance not exceeding 2 ohms.



Measures to ensure the requirements for the grounding system of the recording complex:

1. Grounding is made in accordance with the EIC 7th ed.

2. Installation of 18 vertical electrodes 6 m long united by a horizontal electrode (copper-bonded tape 30x4 mm). The distance from the horizontal electrode to the object should be not less than 1 m, deepening 0.5 - 0.7 meters


Grounding device resistance calculation:

The design resistance of the grounding device is 1,97 Ohm.


Figure 2 shows the arrangement of equipment.

Table 1 provides a list of the necessary equipment and materials for grounding of the sound recording complex.

Recording complex grounding

Figure 2 - Location of grounding equipment for a sound recording complex.

Электрод - electrode
Полоса омедненная – copper-bonded tape
Колодец инспекционный – inspection pit


Chart 1 - List of equipment and materials.

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