Dear Colleagues!

ZANDZ.ru team wishes you a Happy Power Engineer's Day!

We are always glad to help you in building reliable protection of power engineering facilities against direct strikes of lightning and secondary impacts, ensuring stable operations for many years to come.



22 декабря - 22 December
День энергетика - Power Engineer's Day

Especially for you we have prepared a compilation of useful articles and webinars which will be of use in your work:

The series of webinars "Raising quality and saving power", devoted to the problem of improving the quality of electric energy. It deals with problems in electric mains supplies that increase consumption and lower overall efficiency, as well as methods for their solution. It separately deals with the methodology of tests and solutions for facilities in the oil and gas, industrial, residential and social sectors.

Power saving devices. This section demonstrates the product line of PSD by GREEN ENERGY whose selection was based on data obtained from the Customer and/or preliminary monitoring on-site.

Industrial solutions for the use of power-saving devices are represented by examples of the application of PSD by GREEN ENERGY at oil-production enterprises, healthcare institutions and a supermarket.

System of data monitoring after a lightning strike. This article tells you how to monitor the consequences of lightning strikes.


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