Attention! A new webinar on designing an earthing device


The Center of Knowledge at continues training on arranging high-quality earthing and invites youto attend a new webinar with Professor Eduard Meerovich Bazelyan — "Designing earthing devices"!

webinar 19.jpg


This webinar will deal with popular issues that arise when designing a grounding device:
— is it possible to carry out analysis of soil properties at the place equipment is to be deployed without studying the soil?
— how to check the earthing resistance in an area with municipal and industrial built-up structures where there isn't much free space?
— how to get an adequate estimation of the foundation resistance and what to do if it turns out to be higher than the admissible level?
— is it possible to create a fully customized earthing device that is reliably protected against penetration of currents from external sources?

You will hear the answers to these and other questions at the webinar on 1 February 2017!

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