What is the Club of Experts ZANDZ.com and how to become an expert?

ZANDZ.com Knowledge center for more than 10 years has been researching and teaching organization of quality grounding, lightning and surge protection. Throughout the time we've been improving our knowledge in this area: develop standard solutions, publish video instructions for installing our kits, provide examples of calculations of our customers, facilities and reviews with the results of application in projects that form the basis of general recommendations and standard documentation and, what is important, assist and train our users to organize grounding and lightning protection properly. By bringing useful information about grounding and lightning protection together, we opened it to all the registered users of the site. In the result, we got a place for communication of buyers and suppliers of grounding and lightning protection products and services. We called this place the ZANDZ.com Club of Experts, and its members - Experts of the ZANDZ.com Club. 

ZANDZ.com Club of Experts
ZANDZ.com Club of Experts

What is "ZANDZ.com Club of Experts"? First of all, it is a thematic web resource dedicated to the organization of grounding, lightning protection and surge protection. You can offer your services or, vice versa, make an order here. Experts of the ZANDZ.com Club are registered users of the ZANDZ.com site, who can place their products and services in accordance with the site rules. The list of current Experts can be found on this link.

How to join the "ZANDZ.com Club of Experts"? If you decide to become our partner, you need to place an order here. After that our employee will contact you and tell about the partnership conditions in detail. All partners get a Personal Account - a personal section of the website, where you can leave information about yourself or your company, including contact details, works performed, or boast of the achievements in the field of grounding and lightning protection. You can learn how to use all the tools in its entirety from the passed webinar "How to work in a personal account?"

What is to be an Expert of the ZANDZ.com club? Basic conditions and benefits that experts of the ZANDZ.com Club get:

  • New Customers! Hundreds of people interested in grounding and lightning protection, every day come to the ZANDZ.com Knowledge Center and are ready to entrust their tasks to the professionals.
  • Discounts on products! All partners are given the opportunity to purchase ZANDZ and GALMAR products at a reduced cost.
  • Wide range of products! In addition to traditional equipment for grounding and external lightning protection equipment it is also offered: Surge Protection Devices (SPD), energy saving devices (ESD), kits for exothermic welding
  • Additional advertising! The works done by the Experts, published in the personal account, including photos of the installation stages, received certificates, diplomas or feedbacks, increase customer loyalty and ranking among other Experts of the ZANDZ.com Club.
  • Free education! Experts, as well as other registered users of the website, have access to all the video of the past free webinars, as well as free advices of the ZANDZ Technical Center.
  • Geographic freedom! For the present moment, the ZANDZ.com Club of Experts is open for work in 10 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine)

We are waiting for you in the ZANDZ.com Club of Experts! Registration.
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