New product: energy saving device!

Dear readers, there is a new product - energy saving device energy saving device on our website in the section "Equipment". The new unit is dedicated to energy-saving devices intended to improve the quality of electricity consumed. The thing is that the problems in electricity networks, increasing consumption and reducing the overall efficiency are ubiquitous, and such devices can deal with them completely, saving power consumption from 10 to 20 percent.
What do we get after installation of energy saving device?
  • Significant reduction of losses in the system;
  • Increase of the system efficiency;
  • Energy saving;
  • Increase of the useful life of equipment;
  • Reduction of costs on maintenance and repairs of supplied loads.

Energy saving device - energy saving device
Energy saving device - energy saving device

The product range of the equipment is represented by the domestic company GREEN ENERGY providing technical support and warranty services for three years. Energy-saving devices are tested for the compliance with the specifications and are approved for use on the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

Selection and installation of energy saving device is carried out on the basis of a questionnaire containing the characteristics of energy consumption and the results of the electrical inspection, allowing to make a preliminary calculation of the model and to determine the effort required for the survey and installation of equipment.

Do you want to know how much you personally can save on electricity? Download the questionnaire for the selection of energy saving device here. Please send your applications to our Technical Center ZANDZ.
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