Lightning hit Krasnodar rugby team coach


Lightning Has Got into the Coach of the Krasnodar Rugby Team

The match between the Kuban and Metallurg teams held in Novokuznetsk on June 8, 2017 was marked by an unusual event. The teams met in a strong stormy rain. Several times, atmospheric discharges got into the ground near the field. And then the lightning got into the main coach of Kuban, Alexander Alekseenko. He was lucky though: the discharge got into his head and flew to the ground without causing any harm. "A single reminder of the strike is a black trace on the head", told Alekseenko.

Unfortunately, the lightning strikes at stadiums do not always disappear without any serious consequences. Therefore, it is hardly worth reminding that we should be very serious in relation to the lightning protection of sports facilities. To ensure protection of athletes and spectators as well as to protect the stadium equipment, we need an entire range of measures to protect against direct lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference. Read article "Lightning Protection of a Football Stadium". for more details on how the ZANDZ specialists solved this problem for a football stadium in Moscow. You can read here for the calculation example of the stadium lightning protection.

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