May 04, 2017

The ZANDZ Technical Center has received this question from a specialist who plans the grounding system in a country house. This question is not new and it is one of the most popular questions at building and electrotechnical forums. We have decided to provide explanations to the arrangement of the grounding using a well and describe its pros and cons.




According to the EIC, item 1.7.109, drive pipes can be used as natural ground terminals. However, we would like to note several important aspects before you install the ground terminals.

  1. A grounding conductor connecting well pipe with the grounding bus should be laid to the depth of 0.5-0.7 meters into a special trench. This allows extending the service life of the conductor by protecting it from mechanical or weather influence.
  2. The cross-sectional area of exposed grounding conductors when laid in the soil should conform to standard cross-sections of ground terminals as per GOST R 50571.5.54-2013. Failure to meet the requirements may result in destruction of conductor insulation and leak currents.
  3. Wire connection to the grounding bus at the entry to the house is performed using a special conductor in PVC insulation with cross-section of at least 25 mm2.
  4. Drive pipe and a bar with a grounding conductor may be connected using both welding and bolt connection or a clamp.
  5. Water pipes, ventilation boxes, gas boiler, and other bulky metal elements in a country house should be connected in a common potential bonding system.

Pros and cons of using wells as ground terminals:

  • low cost (if a well is available);
  • does not require ground terminal installation;
  • does not depend on the soil freezing ratio. Since the well is located deeper than the soil freezing zone, the resistance of such ground terminal does not change in winter.
  • well service life is reduced significantly. Permanent leak currents lead to premature rusting and metal destruction.
  • it is challenging to check the well condition for rust. To use it as a ground terminal, make sure the ground terminal is intact at the depth of at least 1.5 meters.

You can use the well as a ground terminal, but you should be responsible in this case. Do you have any questions regarding the grounding arrangement? Please, contact the ZANDZ Technical Center for a consult!



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