How to discharge static electricity from tanks?

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Indicator Rite PLUS ™ - an interesting device that is used for grounding of rail tank cars transporting flammable liquids.

It is well known that during transportation and storage of flammable liquids and materials there is a risk of ignition in hazardous areas. The consequences can be disastrous with great harm to health of people and equipment. It is therefore particularly important to ensure reliable protection, safely discharging any static electricity from these objects into the ground. A special device Rite PLUS is used for this purpose.

Rite PLUS ™ monitors the static grounding connection of industrial facilities for various purposes, as well as railway wagons, tanks, containers, and so forth.

How to discharge static electricity from tanks?

Example of use:

When loading fuel into the rail car, it is connected to the grounded surface or grounding device to eliminate static electricity. Connection is made via Rite PLUS indicator. The presence of connection with a grounding device and its satisfactory resistance is accompanied by the pulsation of LEDs on the device that "allow" fuel loading.

Example of use

Device package:

  • explosion-proof controller with an integrated condition monitoring module;
  • universal grounding clamp with twin-core shielded cable (10m);
  • distribution grounding box with a rod for a clamp.

Indicator Rite PLUS ™ provides a safe "path" with a low level of resistance (<10 Ohms) from the object to the designated grounding point. Universal grounding clamp is suitable for all common rail tanks, barrels, reservoirs, containers, etc. The device is simple to use and install, the kit includes complete user guide.

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