How does the lightning protection of the world's highest building work?

A single air terminal mast mounted in such a way that it creates a "protective field" completely covering the desired perimeter and preventing the lightning strike to the facility is one of the most popular external lightning protection devices. 

However, it is much easier to build lightning protection for low buildings than for the high-rise ones using such single air terminal masts.

But how can you handle a situation when your building rises above clouds? A lightning strike into such buildings can cause serious damage including fire, which is a hundred times more difficult to extinguish than in a one-story building.
Let's consider this situation on the example of the world's highest buil

big house
Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper 830 meters high, which has survived many storms, is equipped with one of the world's most advanced systems of protection against lightning. The upper part of the tower is clad with panels containing special sensors that determine atmospheric conditions. When conditions for the lightning formation begin to emerge, sensors detect the polarity ( /-) and panels create an opposite charge on the air terminal mast that attracts all the lightning strikes.

attracts all the lightning strikes

A representative of the company that specializes in the installation of such a lightning protection systems compares it with a frog, which predicts the behavior of an insect and attacks first. By the way, the installation of such a system costs $ 30,000.

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